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  • How long is the Contract Period?
    Begins month in which a firm program based on positive crude oil stocks is agreed with KPRL and Continues indefinitely subject to 12 months notice of termination after the fifth year of operation

  • What is the Scope of the Processing Agreement?
    User has the right and obligation to process quantity of crude oil to meet User's white product Kenya market
    The above provision was revised by agreement GOK and KPRL (to the right and obligation) to process to meet share of Base Load as determined by Ministry of Energy
    Total Base Load is 1,600,000 tons/annum. Total Kenyan white product market is some 1,870,000 tons/annum, which is equivalent to some 3,000,000 tons/annum crude oil processing

  • What is the Refinery Programming Procedure?
    1. On or before 25th of Month 0 User advises KPRL of selected crude oil types, quantity and modes / yields for processing in Month 2, Month 3 and Month 4
    2. In the absence of data advised on crude oil quantity for the above periods KPRL shall assume Base Load quantities as advised by the Ministry of Energy
    3. After 10 working days of the provision or assumption of above data, KPRL issues a Tender for crude oil deliveries for Month 3 through the Ministry of Energy.
    4. The Tender shall specify number of cargoes, quantity and date range per cargo, type of crude oil(s), participation quantities per User and the closing and awarding date / time.
    5. At a pre-determined mid-month date in Month 1 an SCM is arranged at which KPRL will have discussed and finalized the crude oil deliveries and participation for Month 3.
    6. At the SCM the processing programs for Month 2 shall also be finalized.
    7. Early in the week following the SCM the Ministry of Energy shall award the Tender for crude oil delivery.

  • What is the Feedstock Discharge Procedure?
    Discharge shall begin on or after the first day of date range unless agreed otherwise. Time allowed is 48 hours for full cargo or pro rata for part cargo. This time allowed shall begin 6 hours after crude ship has berthed If time allowed is exceeded by reason of fire, explosion or break down of machinery in KPRL facility demurrage shall be shared 50:50 between KPRL and Shipper.

  • How are Ownership, Risk and Loses handled?
    Risk in and ownership of the feedstock and additives delivered hereunder by the User and the intermediate and finished products derived therefrom shall remain vested in the User.

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