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The Sulphur Guard Bed vessel arrives at the Refinery
(2010-06-07 10:39:56)

The on and off production of mogas will soon be a thing of the past.

This is after the refinery invested in the multi million shilling Sulphur Guard Bed vessel which arrived at the refinery in April 2010.

The vessel is also the first piece of equipment received at the refinery from Essar Heavy Engineering in India. With the equipment’s incorporation into the mogas producing unit, its function in trapping poisonous sulphur will ensure the platformer will run for longer thus ensuring optimal product availability in the market and perhaps have a positive impact on the product price to the advantage of consumers.

A process engineer at KPRL’s Technology department, Mr. Michael Kariuki, explained that the production of sulphur which is a poisonous element during the manufacture of mogas would stall the platformer over a period of only six months when the unit has to be regenerated.

“But with the new technology, the reactivation process goes on simultaneously allowing the unit to run for almost one and a half years before reactivating the catalyst,” added Kariuki.
The purpose of the guard bed is to trap any sulphur from Naphtha, a raw material in the preparation of mogas.

Previously, the platformer had to be shut down every six months to allow technicians to undertake the regeneration process.

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