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KPRL embraces eRecruitment Portal
(2010-06-07 10:39:51)

âIf opportunity does knock, build a doorâ
       -Milton Berle -

In the 21st century, the Internet has become a dominant infrastructure for supporting business activities.

Consequently, the web portal is now a mantra in the management of modern businesses.

A portal is an exciting new phenomenon forming part of the recent generation of online services for all stakeholders in business and non business organizations.
KPRL has taken advantage of widespread adoption of internet to build an eRecruitment tool which aims at providing an equal opportunity to both local and international job seekers to access job openings at KPRL.

This will not only allow the organization to reach a vast population of job seekers but also tap the potential talents from any part of the world.

The eRecruitment portal is a comprehensive user friendly web based system that handles the recruitment process from start to end, developed locally through a collaboration between our IT and HR departments.

The portal can be accessed from the KPRL website. Some of the benefits of this eRecruitment portal include the following:-

a. Allow the submission of job applications  online
b. Facilitate and enhance short-listing in the recruitment process
c. Lower advertisement costs i.e. posting jobs and time saved to carry out the recruitment process manually
d. Generation of automatic regrets to unsuccessful candidates

Core features incorporated in the eRecruitment portal includes among others the following:-

Applicantâs Data Management
This feature allows job applicants to create their own accounts and assign their preferred passwords. After successful creation of applicantâs account the system will allow them to log into the portal and enter their personal, educational background information and working experiences.

Online application
To facilitate the online application; the applicant can apply by either double clicking on the open vacancies and system allows them to login using their credentials and proceed with the application process or while signed on search for open vacancies and double click on the vacancy and proceed with the application. The system assigns the application a unique number.

Short listing process
The system allows the Human Resources personnel to define a multiple criteria upon which the short listing query is executed.

Generate Interview Packs
The system generates standard and ad hoc reports among them the interview pack used during the interviews.

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