International Firefighters Day

The International Firefighters Day is a day dedicated to recognizing and honouring the brave individuals who put their lives on the line every day to save others. These firefighters demonstrate courage, strength, and selflessness as they work tirelessly to protect their communities, often putting themselves in harm’s way.

This year on 3rd May 2023, the celebrations were held in Shika Adabu Fire Station in Likoni constituency and brought together all emergency responders, supporters, and stakeholders and was graced by His Excellency Abdulswamad The Governor of the County Government of Mombasa, The area Member of Parliament Madam Mishi Mboko, speaker of Mombasa County and the European support team. KPRL was represented by the Fire Safety Advisor Mr. Antony Munga, Fire Safety Officer Mr. Abdallah Bambaulo and General Shift Supervisor Mr. Euphrasio Mureithi.

KPRL Emergency Response Training School trainers Antony Munga, Abdallah Bambaulo and Euraphsio Mureithi were awarded recognition certificates for commitment in upgrading the skill levels of County Firefighters and KPRL awarded a trophy for best drill displayed on the day and dedication in Fire Safety within the company and neighbouring community.

KPRL Fire Chief FSA Antony Munga with Governor Abdulswamad
KPRL Reps at the International Firefighters Day