KPRL Achieves 2 Million Workhours Without Lost Time Injury (LTI)


Health Safety and Environment (HSE) matters are critical in the operations of KPRL. Consequently, everyone within the organization is committed to the goal of eliminating all work-related injuries and adverse health effects. On Thursday 10th September 2020, KPRL embarked on a journey towards achieving 2,000,000 workhours without Lost Time Injury(LTI) by tracking cumulative work hours. On Sunday 11th April 2021, this target was achieved with elation by both KPRL Staff and Contractors site-wide. This was after two hundred and thirteen (213) days of commitment, resilience, and focus towards Health, Safety, and the Environment by everyone.

KPRL has very robust safety tools on HSE Matters which contributed to this milestone. The tools include;

  • HSE Commitment and Policy which contains commitment to eliminate all work related injuries and carrying out activities with proper regard to the environment.
  • HSE procedures including and not limited to Incident investigation and reporting procedures, Job Safety Analysis done for all project and maintenance works to identify/assess the hazards and put in place control/mitigation measures before commencing work.
  • Permit To Work System which is a detailed system on works done at KPRL keeping in mind the safety of all persons working on that job.
  • HSE Golden Rules of COMPLY with all KPRL Procedures and regulations, INTERVENE when colleagues are not complying and RESPECT to neighbors (both internal and external)
  • Conducting Safety At Work Always (SAWA) Audits and reporting and rewarding of Near Misses to generate learning points.
  • Conducting Standstills which are normally Safety Messages communicated site wide.
  • HSSE campaign through quarterly safety raffles
  • KPRL carried out the safety and health committee meetings, work place HSE Management and statutory First Aid trainings as part of capacity building to both members of staff and contractors.

In the spirit of promoting Safety Awareness, the KPRL Management organized a Safety Raffle in commemoration of this milestone achievement (2Million Workhours). The raffle involved participation by all KPRL Staff and Contractors on-site who contributed to the work hours.

COVID – 19

As a company, we progressed the implementation of containment measures against covid-19 in line with all the government protocols and guidelines issued from time to time. This was achieved through preventive strategies such as social distancing, use of face masks, heightened hygiene levels, provision and use of hand sanitizer, temperature screening, and fumigation of work areas to maintain a safe working environment.

There is always time for HSE. Good HSE performance is a win-win situation for everyone whereas accidents create losses for all.