KPRL Corporate Social Responsibility

KPRL is committed to giving back and in improving the community in its immediate environs and in Mombasa at large. Some of the ways that KPRL demonstrates CSR includes donations, implementing environmentally safe processes, and many more. Most recently KPRL has donated to the below groups;

  1. The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK)

KPRL donated dry goods to APDK through its Sacco (Torch Regulated Non Withdrawable Deposit Taking SACCO) in November, 2021.

  1. Minto Children’s Home

KPRL donated dry goods to Minto Children’s Home after they requested for assistance in this area. The goods were handed over to the school’s administration at the KPRL canteen in Changamwe in December, 2021.

  1. St. Lwanga Primary School

KPRL donated dry goods to St. Lwanga Primary School as per the request. The goods were handed over to the school administration at their school premises in January, 2022.