Legal Compliance and Corporate Governance

A Governance and Legal Audit is an independent assessment of an organization with a view to expressing an opinion on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organization’s policies, systems, practices, and processes. It is an effective mechanism of checking compliance with legislation, regulations, and codes of best practices and helps to detect cases of non-compliance and facilitate the taking of corrective measures.

This year the Board of KPRL engaged Robson Harris & Company Advocates to carry out a Governance Audit of the Corporation for the financial years 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19.

In their opinion, the Board of KPRL has put in place fairly good Governance Practices and largely complies with all legal requirements. The governance structures and systems of the Corporation are in accordance with ICS Audit Standards and Guidelines and conform to global standards.

To attain full compliance which KPRL is committed to attaining, a training on Governance was carried out for the Board members and senior management from 1st to 3rd of September 2021 at Swahili Beach Hotel by Robson Harris & Company Advocates in collaboration with the Institute of Certified Secretaries of Kenya. This was well received by those who attended.