Our Response to the Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic

KPRL (PS-15) Management has implemented the following measures to prevent/minimize the spread of COVID-19 virus within the facility: 

  1. Mandatory temperature screening for all persons accessing the premises.
  2. Provision of Hand sanitizers and hand washing facilities at different locations within the premises.
  3. Provision of face masks for frontline/customer interface employees.
  4. Cancellation of local travel for training or non-essential business assignments.
  5. Suspension of weekly employees Standstills and other non-essential gatherings/meetings to avoid crowding; Communications are now done through emails, posters and the local area network.
  6. Cautioned all workers on site against patronizing the local food kiosks along Refinery Road and instead encouraged carrying food from home.
  7. Heightened campaign on hand washing.
  8. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of offices, door handles, wash rooms, meeting rooms and other areas within the facility after every two hours.
  9. Reduced the number of employees on site to minimize personal contact and implemented work from home requirement.